Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dance Party, USA

A teenager (Gus) confesses to a young woman (Christie) at a Fourth of July party that he raped a girl while she was unconscious. This must be one of those films Martin Scorsese was referencing when he said if you want to make a film about the soul it could only be made for two dollars. The budget of this film doesn't seem to be much higher. But what it's missing in budget it makes up for with excellent naturalistic dialogue and several affecting scenes. If you like any of the mumblecore films (Funny Ha Ha, Puffy Chair) you'll probably dig this one as well.

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  1. Well put Paul! I just watched this recently and kept thinking that this is basically the plot of most teenage dramas - party, drinking, girl wants the guy, guy wants the girl. But Katz executes this with disturbing uncertainty - such as Gus' confession of rape. Gus is definitely the unreliable narrator - not something you see very often in cinema.